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Catholic Israel Tours –   

 Walk where Jesus and the early saints lived and worked in the Land they call Holy.

 Visit the traditional sites associated with the New Testament including Jerusalem and the Passion of Jesus’ Last Hours where you’ll retrace the last Footsteps of Jesus our Savior.

Then continue to Rome and visit of the highlights of this amazing city.

You’ll learn about early Christianity in Rome and visit the Vatican from the best holy land guided tours.

This holy land tour will be life-changing for you.

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All year round

This is the way to see the highlights of Israel in a limited time. The package includes 2 full days of touring.
Participants can choose to stay all nights in either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or a combination of both.
The program operates any day of the week.

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Evangelistic Protestant Holy Land Tour

Walk in the footsteps of Jesus and explore modern Israel at the same time. With this holy land tour, the Biblical stories you grew up with really come to life. Walk the land and you will never be the same! join our best Evangelist holy land tours now!

Best Times:
Year round

*Guaranteed departure tour for Individuals departing every Thursday.

This guaranteed weekly tour caters to the Christian traveler visiting the Holy Land.
One of our most popular programs, available to those who are looking for a deep, serious and spiritual experience.
this is the best Christian holy land tours.

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Heritage Tours Israel

On this Jewish Heritage tour, experience first-hand the miracle of the Return of the Jews to the Land. This miracle has not come without struggle. Explore our common roots and visit the sites associated with the Old Testament. See how the Jewish people, despite the odds, have created a top-notch country which is the only democracy in the Middle East.

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During the time of the Inquisition, the Jews living in Spain were forced to convert to Catholicism. Many of the Jewish families who converted kept passing on some of the traditional Jewish rituals. They are called Conversos. The other option was to flee. Many of those who opted to flee went to Istanbul and from there continued to the Holy Land. This tour visits the old Jewish neighborhoods and Madrid and Toledo and then continues to Israel.

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Walk where Jesus and the early saints lived and worked. Visit the traditional sites associated with the New Testament. The trip includes Jesus tour Jerusalem – the Passion of Jesus’ Last Hours. Retrace the last Footsteps of Jesus our Savior.
This special catholic tour to holy land will leave a mark in your heart.

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