Exodus Route: Egypt, Jordan & The Holy Land

Follow in the Footsteps of Moses and the Israelites as they left behind slavery in Egypt and walked to their Promised Land, Israel.

This is a sample itinerary. All of our group programs can be tailored to the tour leader's specifications.

Departure from the US to Cairo

Arrival at the airport – We came to the land of the Pharaohs, Jacob, Joseph and Israel during the famine! Upon arrival in Cairo we meet our guide and driver who will take us to the hotel for dinner and to spend the night. Dinner and overnight, Cairo

Visit Cairo to see the wonders of the ancient world, some of which date back to 1000+ years prior to Abraham. We spend time at one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the Pyramids. Cheops, with an original height of 496 feet, is the most colossal pyramid ever built. Today, we will also see the Sphinx and tour the Egyptian Museum, where Tutankhamen's treasures and ancient remains are located. Dinner and overnight, Cairo

This morning we depart Cairo with stories of the "Land of Goshen" to the north and travel southward passing over the Wilderness of Shur, arriving in the beautiful Red Sea coastal city of Sharm el-Sheikh. Enjoy free time for a stroll along the beach and lunch before we transfer to Mt. Sinai (Mt. Horeb). Those who desire and are physically capable will depart for a memorable walk up Mt. Moses. You may choose to ride a camel part way; stop at one of the stations to take in scenery along the climb to the summit (750 steps) for a sunset to remember. Once at the top, enjoy a time of reflection and praise before departing down the mountain. Dinner and overnight, Santa Caterina

A visit to Saint Catherine's Monastery, claimed to be built around the area of Moses' Burning Bush, will be followed by a short ride to the Red Sea. A stop for lunch along the shore will provide a view of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel to the north. Gazing across the Gulf of Aqaba, we can begin to imagine the miracle of the parting of the sea. We then travel north viewing the Red Sea en-route to the border crossing between Egypt and Israel. Transfer through Eilat in southern Israel. Transfer from Sinai Border to Arava Border. Meet and greet Jordanian guide and driver. Drive to Petra. Dinner and overnight, Petra

This morning we visit the amazing mountain fortress of Petra, known to be inhabited by the Edomites – the descendants of Esau. Begin the tour with a walk through the "Siq," an immense crack in the Nubian sandstone, to the city of Petra carved out of the rose red rock. The Treasury, El Khazneh, is one of the most elegant remains of antiquity. Beyond El Khazneh we are surrounded on both sides by hundreds of Petra's carved and built structures. Departing Petra, we drive to the town of Madaba, the biblical Medeba, thirty kilometers south of Amman. Madaba is best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics and at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George we view the earliest surviving mosaic map of the Holy land. Mt. Nebo, believed to be the site of the tomb of Moses, commands a spectacular view across the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. Study the panorama as we read the scripture of God showing Moses the "Promised Land" before He brought him home to heaven. Dinner and overnight, Amman

Panoramic tour of Amman including the Citadel and the Roman Theatre – We travel to Jerash, one of the best Roman provincial cities and most completely preserved. Jerash, Gerasa of Roman times, was one of the cities of the Decapolis , a confederation of 10 Greco-Roman cities dating from the first century BC, situated in Jordan , Syria and Israel. Known as the Pompeii of the East for its extraordinary state of preservation, the ruins indicate human occupation at this location for more than 2,500 years. We cross into Israel via Sheikh Hussein Bridge. Arrive at Tiberias. Enjoy a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and arrive at hotel. Dinner and overnight, Tiberias

We visit Capernaum, the fishing town where Jesus called seven of his disciples. The site includes St. Peter's house and the Old Synagogue. Proceed to Tabgha and the Church of the Multiplication, where Jesus fed the multitudes; then continue to the Mount of Beatitudes. Tour Nazareth, the city of the Holy Family, where Jesus grew up. Visit the main sites commemorating the central events in the life of Mary: Basilica of the Annunciation, where according to the Gospel of Luke, the angel Gabriel appeared to him, Church of St. Joseph, the traditional site of the carpentry workshop, the Franciscan Museum and the spring of the Virgin Mary (Mary's Well) from which Mary drew water. Visit the nearby Mary of Nazareth International Center and then drive to Cana of Galilee to visit the Church of the First Miracle. Dinner and overnight, Tiberias

Travel to Mount Carmel, where we visit the Muhraka. It is here that Elijah overcame the Priests of Baal. Visit Megiddo and the Valley of Armageddon. We arrive to Caesarea and visit the Roman Theater and the Crusader fortress. In Jaffa we visit the Church of St. Paul and then we drive to Jerusalem. View the Old City and the Valley of Kidron from Mount Scopus. We say the "shehecheyanu" blessing with view of the Old City. Arrival at the hotel in Jerusalem. Dinner and overnight, Jerusalem

View Jerusalem from atop the Mount of Olives. Walk to Gethsemane and visit the Church of the Tomb of the Virgin Mary. Enter the Old City through the Lion's Gate (also known as St. Stephen's Gate ) and visit the Church of St. Anne. Walk along the Via Dolorosa stations. Tour the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Then walk along the Cardo to Mount Zion. Visit the "Upper Room" and the Dormition Abbey, which commemorates the Dormition of Mary. Continue to the Western Wall. If time permits, we enter the Archaeological Park along the southern base of the Temple Mount platform to see the part of a former flight of steps in which Jesus, his mother and his disciples may have walked. Dinner and overnight, Jerusalem

Visit the City of David just outside the Old City walls. Hike Hezekiah’s Tunnel to the spring of Gihon. To better understand the physical layout of the city of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, we visit the largest outdoor model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period on display at the Israel Museum. We also visit the Shrine of the Book, home to the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. Depart for Bethlehem to visit the Church of the Nativity and the Milk Grotto. Visit the Tomb of Rachel and on the way to Jerusalem, view the Shepherds’ Fields. Dinner and overnight, Jerusalem

Depart for Ein Karem, where Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. The village contains several religious sites, including the spring of Mary where she drank water, the Church of the Visitation, traditional site of the house of St. Elizabeth and Zechariah and the Church of St. John the Baptist (which was built over a cave believed to be his birthplace). Continue outside Jerusalem to Abu Ghosh to visit the abbey church of St. Mary of the Resurrection with its important medieval frescoes. If time permits, visit the monastery of Beit Jamal and the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary in Deir Rafat. Dinner and overnight, Jerusalem

Today travel the Judean Desert to Masada, the ancient desert fortress. We take the cable car up and visit the archaeological remains of this last stronghold of the Jews in their struggle against Rome. We take a quick swim in the Dead Sea and then continue to Qumran caves, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Then, participate in the farewell dinner at hotel. Dinner and overnight, Jerusalem

Transfer to the airport and board your return flight to the US. Arrival is the same day.

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