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Welcome to Faith & Heritage Tours to the holy land, We offering journeys of spiritual fulfillment, tailored to your preferences. Our programs are laden with meaningful experiences that
will connect you even further to your faith & your community.

Explore our site and discover the opportunities awaiting you with an experienced company, committed to designing programs according to your requirements, providing impeccable travel arrangements, holy land tours at affordable pricing.

Five gospels record the life of Jesus.Four you will find in books and one youwill find in the land they call Holy. Readthe fifth gospel and the world of theother four will open before you


Let Faith & Heritage Tours take you to a variety of destinations around the world. See the highlights of Europe in places like France, Italy and Spain while exploring your faith further and delving into the rich religious history. Visit Israel to walk in the footsteps of Jesus – a once in a lifetime opportunity you’ll surely never forget. Whether you’re traveling with a small group, your congregation or community, or your choir – we have a trip for everyone!

Israel Tour
Group Leaders
Faith-based travel provides institutions, congregations and ministries with opportunities to incorporate travel into their community-building initiatives, while helping them achieve ministry objectives.

Community Building

As your members go through this life-changing trip, they are creating bonds with you and the other members in the group that will not be broken when you return home; they will have a profound and long-lasting effect on your community.

Fundraising Opportunities

Ministries need funding for the many social projects they carry out in their communities. Your trip is a great way to raise funds for these services, by adding a small premium to the per person price of the trip. Also, the larger the trip, the more you will be able to raise. Please ask your Faith & Heritage Tours representative for more information.

About Us

Faith and Heritage Tours is the faith-based travel division of Israel Experts. Our US office is located in Miami, FL and our Israel Experts headquarters are located in Israel.

Since 1999 we have been providing quality, life changing journeys to our passengers. Our vast experience includes work with churches, universities and Bible schools, as well as with multi-faith groups. We are the preferred Israel travel provider for Liberty University.

Our staff has over 25 years of experience in faith based travel to Israel, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. We are well versed in the needs of the Christian interest traveler. Let us find or create a life changing trip for you!

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Experience gives confidence! This is what Faith and Heritage Tours gives to our ministry on every trip we have had with them and most importantly their integrity and excellence as an agency. I recommend them!

Each day was sensational in touring God’s land

From landing to departing, each day was sensational in touring God’s land. Now reliving it through memories and photos.

I have matured spiritually because of it…

I was immersed in the culture and history of Israel in a way I could have barely imagined. It was an experience that changed how I engage with the history I had already been familiar with. I have matured spiritually because of it.

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